Final Pcomp Idea – Pedro’s Map

Physical Computing

For our final project, Anne-Michelle and I would like to make an interactive visualization of video footage that we take. We have a couple of ideas that we are playing around with.

IDEA #1:

Pedro has to get through this map maze and if he is able to get through the exit, then there is a prize? visuals will be projected through the canvas and it will be simulated from behind the projected map. Pedro is controlled via gestures, or manually with some controller.

IDEA #2:

Pedro is going through a New York City map, and as he goes through some major stops, visuals of certain things to do in NY will pop up. So map and Pedro will be controlled on a screen or table in front of you, and visuals will be projected behind. For example, if he goes to 9th and 14th street, the Highline will be projected on the back – this will be used for tourists that visit NY, and it will be all the hot spots to see.


10_21_prototype screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-12-45-38-pm



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