Assignment One

Digital Imaging - Reset

Exposure Picture of Dani’s outfit

Exposure Photo of Tiri

Taking Photographs with the right exposure using the Limux was easy due to the histogram that was shown on the screen. I had to make sure that the histogram was correct before taking the photographs – empty on both left and right sides, and data in the middle. I am a Canon DSLR user, and so what I thought was interesting about this project was the fact that I was using a point and shoot. I personally prefer to look in the looking eye before taking a photo, and also I actually found the settings of a point and shoot to be harder for some reason.

When comparing the White Balance, these are the photos that I took:

Auto White Balance:

Custom White Balance:

Going back to what I wrote before, I really thought that this exercise was tricky with a point and shoot. I could not really understand how the grey card was helping my photo and I had a bit of a struggle with it. However, since my lighting was more towards the orange – yellow side, it seems to me as though I did a pretty good job in the end.