Final Project (3)


For our documentation process, we decided to take the GoPro and document by walking outside and capturing what we cannot see. However, it was raining – so instead we documented ourselves walking around TISCH.





After Spring Break, we will be heading outside to capture the real deal.

Final Project (1)


For our final project, we are connecting the openBCI with a GoPro, and making a device where by blinking you can take photos.


Being able to see the world, even when you blink; capturing all the lost moments. 


Using Processing, we are gonna be able to capture a photo by blinking using the openBCI GUI. We have captured the data of the GUI and used println to collect the numerical data. 

Hacking the GoPro:

Using the Wifi, we connected to the GoPro and were able to take a photo with a simple command using nodeJS.


Next Steps:

Now that we have the processing code for the GUI, and the nodeJS code for the GoPro, we need to find a way to bring the 2 together in order to put in a boolean for the blinking. Once we figure that out, we will go outside with the GoPro and the GUI and spend some time outside taking photographs with our blinking. It’s gonna be awesome.