Story Space

Open Source Cinema

This week, we had to think of the idea of parallel universes.

I wanted to create a parallel universe in which was ruled by women.

In this world, you would be able to interact with these spheres by entering each one individually. Each sphere represented a space which looked differently than it does today. For example, one of them would be the world of the ‘work space’ and how it would look like if women ruled the work environment from the beginning. Another sphere would be ‘body image’, where you are able to see a world where body image was not constructed by men. How would women look, or how would they want to look, if they did not have to look the way men wanted them to look?


Open Source Cinema

Since neglecting to take photographs last week, I took some this week of me in my house (because I am never in it), and at Tompkins Square Park (my walk to school). I wanted to put my avatar in a 3D space of my room, because I miss my bed all the time, however I was struggling to do so. I scanned my body using the Skanect, but i still need to remove the plate that was also scanned with me.

Body Scans:

360 photos:


I wanted to put my avatar in my bed, since I have been so sleep deprived these past few days, but I still have not figured it out, getting there though. So far i have managed to put it as a mesh, but not as a world.

Data Is All Around Us – Kinectron

Open Source Cinema

This week, we had to play around with the Kinectron in order to do something Interactive. For my Doing Good is Good Business class, we are discussing how data collection can be of benefit to certain NGO’s and its community. When having to describe what data is, my initial idea is that data is like a particle in our environment – it is everywhere. Therefore I decided to do a tracking device in which wherever the individual moves, the word data follows you.

I was amazed at the fact that I could use my mac computer with the kinectron just by using the IP address.. TECHNOLOGY!!

Three.js and Mapping

Open Source Cinema

So this week, we were told to take 360 footage and import it in three.js – however, I did not like the footage I took with, so i decided to create an image cube: A cube which showed all my images when it was spinning around.

I started my process with doing the basic example that I found online for a cube.

Taken from this, I was able to play around with it and add my own textures. I had to go through so many examples online, and had a lot of difficulty figuring out all the functions that three.js has.

But, I finally did it:

The next step is for me to make it into a video ox – either 360 video or multiple videos. Stay tuned.


Open Source Cinema

For out first assignment, we were told to make a collage using jquery and mongoDB to create a collage within the database. I was struggling a lot with this assignment, because I was not sure how exactly I wanted to change the code around. I wanted to create a collage which told a story, and I picked to make a collage of banned advertisements.
























I wanted to make a clear storyline from old advertisements to new advertisements. The idea was to show how they have “changed” and how they have evolved from using women as sexual objects, to still using them as sexual objects. A lot of these advertisements have common themes between women and food, and also using men more for comical reasons.










A lot of these advertisements are banned due to obvious reasons, and American Apparel is finally closing down (they have been constantly victimized for their use of women as sexual objects for advertising their clothes).

I would have liked to create a different page for each scene as we scrolled through the webpage but it was always glitchy and my images would sometimes disappear.