Vending Machine


Women’s daily lives are filled with paradoxes, one of which is deeply rooted in the anomaly between wanting to look like an Instagram ‘model’ but also being lured in by Dorito-dipped grilled cheeses. This Vending Machine is a representation of this internal struggle. The images are taken from Instagram models, bloggers, or just every-day women who post images of their bodies and boast their fitness successes; or better yet, their eating disorders. This Vending Machine takes into consideration all the various features of a woman’s body; initially you select the boobs, torso, and butt you want. The Vending Machine will then print out the caption and hash tag based on your selection. This print-out represents these women’s lives; its purpose is to perpetuate body image shame and depict how we live in a world where our wants and needs for our own bodies stem from these women’s lives – even though they are strangers to us.

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Emotion part III


My vending machine has become more than just one project, it has now become part of my video project as well. As mentioned in my previous posts, I wanted to show the frustration of someone wanting a body that they cannot have – or cannot easily have.


In order to implement this feeling, I am using my vending machine as a way for people to ‘select’ body types. The machine will have screens, which people will be able to select through images of body types using the machine button.

Screen #1, will have images of different sizes of breasts.

Screen#2, will have images of different sizes of torsos.

Screen#3, will have images of different sizes of bottoms.

When the user decides what body types they want, they will insert a coin and expect an output. A noise will play, and it will seem as though something is coming out of the machine, but nothing will come out. Instead, a message will show: “Not available. Try again in one year” – or something like that. I am still not sure what the message will say exactly, but the idea is that the user cannot have what they want so easily.


I am using 3 raspberry Pi’s and connecting them to 3 different screens. Because of the connection that they have, I am creating a server in which will emit information from the pi, onto the front-end server. I am using Javascript, or should I say nodeJS, to connect the PI to my code. It has been a rollercoaster, and since this is the first time I am doing such work it has been difficult to complete; but I am getting there!

My next steps, are to finish my code for each PI, so that I can have a showing work of what each screen will show and do.


Emotion Part II


Body Image Vending Machine

After careful consideration of how to implement the idea previously noted, I have decided to use a vending machine as part of my emotional object. The vending machine represents food, and it is easily accessible for people – you are more inclined to pay for a snack when it is more accessible to you. However, how do I make people feel bad for eating what is in the vending machine? It will have different body types in display, and depending on what body type you want, it will give you the specific option needed. Hopefully this will be a good way to show people’s emotional output, since the food will show how it affects your body.

As for the vending machine itself, I have called and asked about a dozen people for a used vending machine but it is still to expensive. For the midterm class, I purchased a small fridge which dispenses drinks with a button function. This way I can prototype the machine the way I want it to.

Short Story:

It was a typical day – woke up, when to the gym, had my bowl of cereal and coffee, and walked to school. As I was walking to school I realized how the run that I just went on made me feel high, as happy as I could ever be; the endorphins must’ve kicked in. When I finally get to school I have a seat and start working on all my projects.

An hour or so goes by, and the clock has turned 12:00pm – lunch time. Everyone is microwaving their prep meals, or coming to school with food from nearby restaurants. The smell lingers in the area, and all I can think is “Fuck, I’m Hungry”. As I sit there trying to study, all i can think about is what can I go and get to eat. What is the healthier option? Should I go get a salad, or sushi? A smoothie or a sandwich? “I went on a run so technically I’m allowed to eat something”, I think to myself. I decided sushi.

As I am walking out of the building, I notice a red vending machine. I get closer, and look at the images on it. The pictures show different women with all shapes and sizes; short, tall, thin, curvy, full-figured, you name it. I question it for a brief moment, and then think to myself “What is my body type?”. Since I considered myself curvy, i wanted to go for thin. So I pressed the skinny little stick figure and out came a small little bag. Inside the bag were six almonds. “Six almonds??” Yes. Six almonds.



Emotion Part I


I would like to create an installation, on conveying the emotion of what it feels like to suppress from food, just to look good.

When going through your Instagram feed, you are constantly bombarded with images of food, and models, and clothes, basically anything that you can consume. I always feel stuck between feeling hungry, but also wanting to look like Gigi Hadid. There is something about this subject that corresponds with consumerism, both with food, and the clothes, and how objects can be used as art. What would I look like if I wore that dress? Maybe I am too short for it? Or maybe I just don’t have the ability to look like that because I love food? Why do I constantly want to eat, but also constantly want to not eat? How do YOU feel when you look at food?

I have some ideas on how to use this emotion, using plates and projections. But I am stuck on the interaction  – maybe it could be an installation that has to do with likes? Or something like that. But the idea is to convey the emotion of wanting to eat the donut, but also wanting to look good at the same time – mainly because we feel forced to look a certain way. I agree that we are also supposed to be “healthy” and not care of how we look as long as we exercise, and eat right, but most of that roots from how we want others to see us.

I took Screenshots of some of my Instagram feeds from 24 hours ago, and made this video to convey a little bit more what I mean.