Cordless Love

The story relates around this plug that is looking for love. She is going through all the emotions of finding love – sadness, curiosity (when dating), frustration, and finally when she experiences love she also experiences the emotional feeling of the breakup, while the other plug also experiences the same emotions later on.

Dani, Eric and I, did the shots on Dragonframe and then edited the sounds on Premiere Pro. We downloaded most of the audio files from Youtube.


Chloe becomes so influenced by the materialistic society around her, that she ends up consuming clothes (literally) by eating what she buys. We first show her life as a child, where she is happy and pure, and as she gets older she is becoming more influenced by her peers around her due to social media, TV, and influences in her life. Once she is older, we show Chloe going through stages of shopping, and as she is shopping that is when she is eating/consuming the clothes. In the end, she goes home where it is covered in clothes and bags, but under all those clothes, the house is empty – and that is when she realizes that she is living an empty life with no real fulfillment.

Gypsy In The Forest

For my first Unity script, I made this 'video clip' of this gypsy in the forest.