The Body Shop

Women’s daily lives are filled with paradoxes, one of which is deeply rooted in the anomaly between wanting to look like an Instagram ‘model’ but also being lured in by Dorito-dipped grilled cheeses. This Vending Machine is a representation of this internal struggle. The images are taken from Instagram models, bloggers, or just every-day women who post images of their bodies and boast their fitness successes; or better yet, their eating disorders. This Vending Machine takes into consideration all the various features of a woman’s body; initially you select the boobs, torso, and butt you want. The Vending Machine will then print out the caption and hash tag based on your selection. This print-out represents these women’s lives; its purpose is to perpetuate body image shame and depict how we live in a world where our wants and needs for our own bodies stem from these women’s lives – even though they are strangers to us.

For 'The Body Shop', I used 3 Raspberry Pi's - one for each screen. With the push of a button I was able to access a database of images scraped from Instagram that displayed on each screen. 

Coding Language that was used was JavaScript.