This project was originally a data visualization of all the ITP students. Each circle represented how many people from ITP are from that specific Country. We took this idea and developed it further and decided that because of all the political madness that was going on in the USA during the elections period, no one paid much attention to all the news going on around the world.  Therefore, the idea is that it is important to always know what is going on outside your own little bubble. This map is used as a platform that allows you to watch the news (and other videos) by clicking on a specific Country. In the future we would like to make it 3D, and a worldwide platform where people can instantaneously upload their video and directly see it on the map.

For this project, we focused mainly on the content of the map, and made sure to make it as simple as possible in order for people to know what is happening when looking at it. However, we would like to expand further with this concept, and add in a zoom effect, where by clicking the Country you are instantly zoomed into cities, and towns, of which will have other videos as well. We would like to make it like this because some Countries are either too big to identify one piece of news to it, or because some Countries such as Cyprus are divided. For example, the news in Ohio might be different from the news in New York. We would also like for people to be able to upload their own videos, thus becoming a platform available to the entire world.


The data was collected from ITP students in a form that we sent out. We sent out this form to ensure that we were not missing any people, and we also wanted to make sure that everyone sent us a link of related news from their country. That was our way of making it person to ITP.

Submission form:


This project made me understand a lot more about web developing in general, and the ability to code for any website is an incredible skill to have. I would say that this project opened up other “doors” for me, and by continuing this project I hope that Alexia and I have a worldwide platform where everyone is able to contribute and be a part of.

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